Joseon era men rocking the side swept bangs look

Actors in kdramas have always been a jaw-dropping amount of hot & cute. The historical dramas take it a step further with their leads rocking the long mane and side swept bangs look.


This beautiful specimen of the opposite sex is Moon Jae-shin. Aka Geol-oh from the korean drama Sungkyunwan Scandal. It’s a drama that I began watching because Park Min-young was in it. I’ve almost always enjoyed watching the dramas she starred in : City hunter, Healer, What’s Wrong With Secreatary Kim. So I gave this one a go.


Sungkyunwan Scandal is a drama set in the Joseon Era when all sorts of restrictions were imposed on women. Women’s right to education wasn’t recognized back then, since they were never considered as a man’s equal. Yeah, dark times indeed. But aside from a few instances, there is not much of darkness in the drama. Kim Yun-hee, around whom the drama is centered around is desperate for help. Her father long dead now, her mother is barely managing to make ends meet. Medicines are expensive, and her sick younger sibling is in constant need of it. Yun-hee, masquerades as a man, taking on the name of her brother and works in a bookshop, to help with the expenses.  More financial difficulty and a series of other events result in her becoming a scholar at the men-only Sungkyung University.  It’s an interesting episode 1. If you aren’t hooked by the end of the hour-long episode, well, do consider the fact that she’ll sharing a dorm room with two other hot male leads in the university, before giving up on the drama.

Lol, just kidding. This one has really good actors and a really good storyline. It’s interesting and fun to watch. There aren’t any instances where you’ll feel like the drama has been dragged far too long or too melodramatic. However there might be instances where you might feel like Park Min-young is too obviously feminine to pass off as a man, fool the male leads and make a gorgeous woman fall in love with the man she’s masquerading as. But, well, this called a drama for a reason. Go along with the make-believe, fall in love with the second leads, appreciate your right to education and the on-screen Joseon era men rocking the side swept bangs look.


If you haven’t already watched this drama, go ahead and watch it. It’s an oldie but an absolute goodie!

P.S you’ll absolutely love Gu Yong-ha ( Song Joong Ki)



Still 17


Thirty, but Seventeen or Still 17 is a rom-com korean drama which has a really interesting storyline. It’s about an aspiring violinist and a boy who blames himself for her death. Okay when I put it that way, it does sound like the opposite of a rom-com. So let me rephrase that for you.

The girl Woo Seo-ri, you may call her absent-minded or a pre-occupied musical prodigy, she is absolute cuteness. And yeah naturally boys fall in love with her. One of those boys confesses and asks her hand in marriage (while still in school!), the other doesn’t. The shy one, Gong Woo-jin, is the hero. He is especially talented at painting, so he paints her instead, pouring in all of his love into the painting. The day he musters up enough courage to hand her the painting, things go south. The bus Woo Seo-ri travels in, meets with a massive accident, killing many of its passengers. Gong Woo-jin, rushes to the hospital, anxious to know if she survived the crash. But because he’d mistaken her friend’s name ( Soo-mi) to be hers, he is devastated when he hears that Soo-mi hadn’t survived. He blames himself for her death, and falls into depression. He does eventually recover from it though and goes on to become a gifted set designer. Meanwhile, Seo-ri, wakes up from a 13 year -long coma, a 17 year old in a 30 year-old body.  Fate and the script writer master mind a situation that results in the 30 year old version of Gong Woo- jin and Woo Seo -ri living together.  The co-habitation, scenario is quite refreshing in this drama. It is loaded with cuteness and hilarity, that would absolutely warm your heart and have you breaking into a giddy smile.

 I’ve read and watched plenty of stuff that has its protagonists dropping off into a coma at crucial times in the storyline. But then, the angle they then covered the story from was usually the grief of the loved ones or the wanderings of the soul. So I found the angle of ‘the girl who never grew up’ quite refreshing and interesting. This story has got a soul and is mostly grounded in reality. The cast in this drama are too good. They do justice to their roles and more. You fall in love with them as much as you love the story.